You want to fly ?

Welcome to Airservice-Unlimited, your Full Service Provider for Aviation services. We bring you in the air – from Cessna to Jet planes.
Let our certified aviation surveyors assess your aircraft.
We undertake flight checks for you and provide consultancy services for sale and purchase of aircraft.



Buying and selling corporate aircraft is our business.

This is a complex business process, it demands very good understanding of the market value, aircraft availability, associated costs, maintenance requirements and knowledge of all documents required to pass the title from one entity to another.

Our qualified and experienced team of:

  • Aviation Expert  ISO  9001 certified
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Aircraft engineer / Inspector
  • Flight instructor (gold Seal)
  • Dispatcher
  • ICAO Language Examiner
  • global aircraft remarketing
45 jahre

assists and services the international Aviation clientele since last 45 years. Relax and let our experts take care of your aviation (national and international) affairs.