Aviation Expert (international)

  • Legal opinion
  • Valuation
  • Pre Buy Inspection
  • Repair cost calculation/estimates
  • Airspace violation

…. in cooperation with international lawyer chambers, law firms (worldwide)



  • Registration: FAA “N” – Registration (we register your aircraft, also in  the USA)
  • Financing: Both for aircraft purchase and Flight instruction/training
  • Insurance: We represent your interests in the international insurance market. This holds for negotiation of good insurance conditions as well as for regulation and handling of claims.

Aviation Insurance is full of different risks and legal requirements which have to be taken into consideration.

Since we are specialised in the business of Aviation insurance for decades we posses profound expertise in this area and are able to consult you individually and in-depth.

We make the market transparent for you and work out an exact and most viable solution for your requirements. With us you have one contact for all your queries and still the entire transparency of the Market.

Here we use our national and international business network.