Our Leasing Department consists of a team of aviation experts with proven experience in aircraft trading. From this core business follow continuously requests for aircraft leasing. Through excellent market knowledge by aircraft trading is our Leasing Department one step ahead of the competition.

Discounts through current market knowledge
Our Leasing Department is able to buy aircrafts in special situations:

  • Bankruptcy or financial imbalances
  • Fleet renewal
  • Overproduction

Until a leasing client has been found, the machines are parked, renewed or at short term rental.

Special Aircrafts

While most leasing companies focus on the leasing of new standard airplanes, our Leasing Department provides leasing a high demand for more rare and used aircraft. With these airplane types higher market margins are enforceable enforceable inin the the absence of competitors.

Development of new markets
Airlines, headquartered in emerging markets have often problems to find leasing companies to finance aircrafts. Most leasing provider wait until the markets have evolved. Our Leasing Department deals intensively with the emerging markets and their airlines. These markets are due higher lease payments and the distribution
of used machines very lucrative.

Risk Management
The risk of default of the lease payments is calculated individually for each customer and where appropriate, secured by insurance partially. In the event of a default, it is important to be able to lease the aircraft as quickly as possible or to sell it. Even a short-term lease may limit the damage.
Exactly in this case the branch knowledge of our Leasing Department counts. Unlike traditional leasing companies, the team at our Leasing Department by trading aircraft is in constant contact with airlines and their fleet manager worldwide.

Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Equity forms the foundation-stone for a succesfull Leasing Company in the Aircraft Market.
The primary use of the equity is building a first portfolio of commercial jets. For that it is nessary to spend equity to set up the infrastructure of the leasing company.
To reduce the amount of the invested shareholders equity, Leasing starts a refinancing programm with banks and investment funds.

Banks & Investors
Actually the refinancing for leasing projects with banks is a little bit difficult. After the financial crisis, a lot of banks have to shrink for getting financial support from the goverments and to reach the Basel III targets.
Another way to collect y money for the refinancing of existing aircraft leasing portfolios , are bond programms for investment funds. Our Leasing Department offers bond programms to institutional investors and opens them the opportunity to participate in aircraft leasing. The difference between the bond interest and the the leasing costs, is the profit for our Leasing Department.
That strategy allows our Leasing Department permanent and fast groth.

Market edge through a strong equity base
While most leasing companies work permanently from project to project, our Leasing Department can lease implement projects faster than the competition. Cheap shopping situation are as previously described mostly of extremely short duration. Other companies make first a refinancing need to stay on the track.
On account of  the respectable company capital base, our Leasing Department can use these shopping advantages and gain with it above-average yields.