Air service unlimited

During the last three decades we have attained worldwide experience in active flying, training, and supervision both in the air as well as on the ground.

We have long term experience as Airline transport Pilot, certified Aviation Expert and as US flight instructor (Gold Seal).

Utilise our all inclusive service for the sale and purchase of Aircrafts.

Our Experienced consultant support for sale and purchase of Aircrafts, Insurance, and effective and economical financing is at your service.

Aircraft Purchase

Our research team keeps in constant touch with the for sale corporate aircraft market. We focus not only on the active market, but are in touch with every aircraft owner in the world. Through us you have access to every aircraft available for sale that meets your needs and budget. Once you select an aircraft, we will monitor the pre buy inspection, assist in negotiating an Aircraft Purchase Agreement, and co-ordinate all documentation necessary to transfer ownership.

Aircraft Brokerage

Today’s market is very competitive. We focus all our Professionals efforts to find and direct prospective buyers to your aircraft, and then go on to negotiate the best possible price, as quickly as possible.

We undertake extensive marketing activities with quality photos and advertisements of your aircraft world-wide, we also do extensive direct mail and phone call solicitation. Our experienced sales team acts as your agents and convey the benefits of your aircraft on quality retail prospects inquiry.

We handle every aspect of the sale with the efficiency and professionalism that you expect.

Aircraft Operation Management

Running a private aircraft requires a well organised flight department. With more than 30 years experience, we can offer our clients a totally hassle free support and organisation, to give you full benefits of your investment. We take care of all the administrative work. This Starts with finding full time exclusive pilots, we then organise and run the accounts for the different fuel credit cards, the aircraft insurance, landing, parking and hangar fees, Eurocontrol, the pilot’s documentation and flight training at „ Flight Safety” or ,,Simuflite” once a year as well as the pilots hotels. We schedule and supervise the aircraft’s maintenance to allow a better timing, lower costs and total quality control. The only thing our clients do is give us a call, tell us the departure time and destination, your aircraft and pilots are ready to go.

ICAO Language Examiner

ICAO  Language Examiner – Test on request.